Are YOU Dead or Alive?????


DEATH – the inevitable and the worst fear of humans. Though everyone knows that the countdown begins at birth but still the dread to see the show to end. But is death is all about the end of life? Are all the living beings around us alive? Or they are just living corpse? Continue reading


Who should you blame – Social media or ……

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – name it and we are a part of them. The social media has become the integral part of our daily lives. Human are considered as social animal and they grab every opportunity to socialise – be it a tea stall gathering or a WhatsApp group. They love to share their opinions and thoughts, achievements and problems and love to know the whereabouts of others life. Social networking now have made it an easy task – no matter where you are you are connected to your loved ones. But as it goes whenever there is an invention to benefit the mankind we had misused, overused and abused it. Now who is to be blamed? What needs to be changed? Continue reading

Revisit and Revise The Definition Of Your Happiness …..


We all want to have a happy and peaceful life where there would be no problems, no failures, no betrayals, no pain. We try everything possible to make things work but most of the times end up being unsatisfied, frustrated or devastated. We are always unhappy about ourselves, what we have or someone else. We brood about the difficult situations. We chase things we think will bring happiness to us but they are mere pleasures which last for few moments and the illusion of happiness gets shattered and we be gloom again. So what is happiness and peace? Is there any difference? How to have a happy and peaceful life? Does it depend on what we achieve or how people respond to us? Revisit and rephrase your definition of happiness…. Continue reading

The mystic word – LOVE


“I LOVE YOU” – I wonder often how easily a person can say it to others without actually realizing the meaning of it, without adhering the responsibilities and the essence of the feeling it ushers. For most of the mass it’s just a phrase to woo someone and get into a relationship. What is love? Why do people think they are in love? Is it just about needs and desires? Go on find all these answers yourself… Continue reading