The mystic word – LOVE


“I LOVE YOU” – I wonder often how easily a person can say it to others without actually realizing the meaning of it, without adhering the responsibilities and the essence of the feeling it ushers. For most of the mass it’s just a phrase to woo someone and get into a relationship. What is love? Why do people think they are in love? Is it just about needs and desires? Go on find all these answers yourself…



Love is when a mother understands every action of her child without being told, it’s when a dad fulfills every needs of his children even if his essential needs are left ignored, it’s when a sibling gives away his favorite item to the other only to bring smile on the other’s face, it’s when friends fight and still covers each other’s back when needed, it’s when you look into a pair of eyes and cant tear apart, it’s when just a person sitting beside you silently gives you all the comfort you need.

Love is a feeling beyond any explanation. It’s the oath to be loyal, a faith on someone, a communication without any language dependency, a way to worship God, a sacrifice to make the other person happy. It can heal bleeding souls, dissolve all limits and break all the rules. As the saying goes everything is fair in Love and War, there are many wars fought for Love. It’s the best feeling humans are blessed with.



What is I say there is nothing call LOVE and it’s just a game played by hormones and chemical in our system? Love is a feeling generated by the combination of three neurochemicals – phenyl ethylamine, norepinephrine and dopamine. And if it’s a relationship you manage to keep for a long term its due another two – oxytocin and serotonin. But is that’s all? Just a mere gameplay of the chemicals?

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We humans are called social animals and we depend on each other for various daily needs – food, education, shelter and the list is never-ending. Amongst all the needs we have the need to feel loved and cared. We need a person to share our feelings and hold on to when we are scared or in pain. As kids we share our feelings with parents and as we grow up we share it with friends. But there are some thoughts we always keep to ourselves may be coz we think others will not understand or we are too shy to speak up our heart. But when we meet our soul mate we can share all the feelings – good or bad, right or wrong. It’s said that we have gaps between our fingers so that someday a caring hand can fill the gaps in between.



There is a very thin line between infatuation, love and lust. Infatuation is a very short lived feeling where we adore a person going by their positive sides which are prominent coz we don’t know them enough to know their flaws. Love at first sight is a kind of infatuation where we look at the beauty of the person or their attitude. Sometimes it turns to love though but there are times when the illusion is shattered. Love on the contrary is accepting the person as he is – good and bad. Love is a passion with which you dedicate all your senses to care for the person. It’s when the person remains with you always whether he is physically present or not. Love is not to seek but to give your best. Lust is completely different story. Where infatuation and love deal mostly at mental level, lust is all about physical attraction. Lust is when you get addicted to the person due to your physical need and we confuse that addiction with love.



Why do we make such a fuss about how long does the person stays with us? Why just can’t we hold on to the very moment? Why we just let the wonderful moments pass worrying about the future? You never know when the person will change or the situation. It’s not for you to control neither you can. What I believe is give your best to the relationship and be true and let time decide. If the person remains its good or else you will always cherish the memories you had. Love is not about binding a person neither it’s an obligation. One should move on if there is no feelings left and be honest about it. Pretending and dragging a dead relationship do not do anyone. So instead of worrying about the “happily ever after” concept be happy in the MOMENT.



Though some people are blessed to spend their life with their love, some do suffer the loss in the hands of time. They are separated either due to a breakup or death. We all mourn for our lost love but is it really lost? The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. Likewise, LOVE cannot be created nor be destroyed; it can change the form and can be transferred to another person or to other activities. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a special one in life but what if you are not destined to? Do love cease to exist? Instead of mourning and be engulfed by negative feelings why don’t we try and reach beyond boundaries? Care for the people around, help others and bring smile to their face. Everyone can love their dear ones but no one takes the pain of thinking beyond that boundary coz they see no benefit. But do believe what you give to the universe you always get it back. If you spread love you will be loved back. And why just confine to people, create new things be it a literary content, a piece of art or a dish. Bare your soul and put all the love you have in it. You will be amazed by the consequences. Love is never lost, it’s within you. Just close your eyes and feel your heart beats and in every beat you will find LOVE…….


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