Revisit and Revise The Definition Of Your Happiness …..


We all want to have a happy and peaceful life where there would be no problems, no failures, no betrayals, no pain. We try everything possible to make things work but most of the times end up being unsatisfied, frustrated or devastated. We are always unhappy about ourselves, what we have or someone else. We brood about the difficult situations. We chase things we think will bring happiness to us but they are mere pleasures which last for few moments and the illusion of happiness gets shattered and we be gloom again. So what is happiness and peace? Is there any difference? How to have a happy and peaceful life? Does it depend on what we achieve or how people respond to us? Revisit and rephrase your definition of happiness….

The real problem in the path to attain our goal of being a happy person is the search process we follow. We are happy when we meet our goals, when we a make a person respond or do things our way.  But do they give us real happiness? Do they give us peace of mind? So why not revise the search criteria. For a start have faith and believe in yourself. Accept the fact that everything happens for a reason and its you are the one who will get benefited – either u achieve your goal or gather experience to be stronger. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses – accept who you really are…


We find happiness in our bank balance. But really, can money buy us happiness? We all crave for a job with a six figure salary, own house and a car. Say we achieve our dream, will that make us happy? Have you ever seen anyone happy with the job he has or the money he has in his bank account? Every time there is the craving for MORE. The more you achieve the more you want and you just get struck into the loop. In this process the happiness you earn by achieving a goal dissolves in the displeasure of not having enough. To be successful in your job you miss the special moments with your family and friends, you ignore those hobbies which made you happy, you give away your inner peace.

We find happiness in the people around us – depending on how they respond we be happy or sad. Does that mean we give all the power to the other person to make us happy or not? Is it their decision to make weather we deserve to be happy or not? The root cause of this disappointment are expectations .We all expect from other people. Expecting and meeting expectations of others is a never-ending process. It results to constant complaints about people. We like others to do things our way – to abide by us or else we are  disappointed with that person which affects our inner peace too.


So what is real happiness? What is peace? When all the things you think you need to be happy gives makes you happy for a moment, real happiness lies beyond all of them. Happiness is a serene feeling which you get when you are self-satisfied, when you find contentment in whatever you have. You don’t have to chase happiness around, it lies deep within. Its only you who can make yourself happy and be at peace. When you be real happy, you won’t get irate if anyone misbehaves with you, won’t be frustrated when you get what you wanted or you won’t feel devastated when you fail. The happiness within you will give you the patience and strength to fight back. (1)

How to get real happiness? You can’t happiness get happiness, you have to achieve it through a process of positive thinking. Can you ever catch a butterfly? The more you try to snatch it the more you get irritated and tired without any progress. You have to wait patiently without moving an inch for it to come to you. Likewise you have to calm your mind and get rid of all negative and selfish thoughts. We always keep planning around our needs and desires. We are always happy to get but whenever we think of giving we think and panic. What do we get in return? What if my I get less? Before even doing a thing our mood gets clouded with ifs and buts. Just for a day go selfless and empathize and help others, feed a poor, donate to the needy, acknowledge someone’s work, do some good to someone without a second thought. See the smile on their faces when they receive your services. These smiles will make you smile for a long time. As per the law of universe you get back what you give. Try to make others happy and you will surely feel the happiness touch your soul…..


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