Who should you blame – Social media or ……

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – name it and we are a part of them. The social media has become the integral part of our daily lives. Human are considered as social animal and they grab every opportunity to socialise – be it a tea stall gathering or a WhatsApp group. They love to share their opinions and thoughts, achievements and problems and love to know the whereabouts of others life. Social networking now have made it an easy task – no matter where you are you are connected to your loved ones. But as it goes whenever there is an invention to benefit the mankind we had misused, overused and abused it. Now who is to be blamed? What needs to be changed?


People now have turned in to slaves of social media and can just breathe without them. Smartphones have now become a part of human body – detaching from it is similar to amputating a limb. Most of the time is now consumed by social networks thus resulting in decrease in productivity, physical activity, and studies. There are many mental and physical problems caused due to the excessive use of phones.

Even you will agree that not all addictions are bad – a coin always will have two sides – it’s we who decide when not to flip. Addicted to social media? Go for digital marketing jobs – make money out of your hobby. You can also showcase your talents and get hired as professionals if you are truly good at it. If you are into recruitment, you can search for your candidate amongst your friends and followers – with just one post. If used properly it’s a boon to many but being the most intelligent species human fall prey to their own inventions every time. Why can’t they draw the line of control? If someone gifts you a basket of mangoes and you fall ill by devouring all of it at once, who is to be blamed? Mangoes are known to be good for health but its too irresistible to just eat one. But if we have a basketful we are bound to fall ill – there we have to resist ourselves – that’s what our intelligence is for – to know where to draw the line.

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People can now easily abuse anyone in social platform and vent their frustrations. Wrong and sensitive information are spread easily resulting in unwanted outbursts. People are being harassed and cheated by both real and fake profiles. Personal life is not too personal now – thanks to the social media. Constants shares and posts have made us too public. Information about us are easily available to everyone who can use it for evil purposes – be it physical attacks or hacking bank accounts – the exposure is costing us.

Now suppose you invite me on stage for a speech and I start using obscenities or do a monkey dance – will you be cursed? Did you have any idea what my actions would be? Social networks are invented so that people could be connected irrespective of geographical boundaries. There are many who got connected to a long lost friend through these platforms. New updates and news can be easily shared to many just by a simple posts and there is an exchange of genuine views and reviews by common man. Earlier the views shared in news channels were tinted with powerful influences but now we can get to know the real facts. There will always be the side effects for that we don’t stop having the medicines. Frauds and bullies are everywhere, online or offline. Thus there is always an option to report abuse but most of us don’t bother to do that. If you don’t let the police know about a theft would they dream of it and come for your help?


There is an increase in jealousy, misunderstanding and disloyalty amongst people. If we achieve something or have bought a car, house, dress, any happy event and we post and tag people. Some be happy for us but most of the mass gets jealous and start keeping a distance. Due to the constant flow of “new” friends there is a spring of misunderstandings between couples. While some are just mere insecurities and complexes of the other, some are real cases of infidelity.  Moreover gone are those days when a little wish or a card used to carry the love and affection of our loved ones. Now we even wish the person sitting beside us in Facebook or WhatsApp. Cards are now replaced by e-cards – you just have to mail it – no need to visit the invitees in person. Our world has become too virtual and we prefer to chat with the person whom we have never met over the people we have around us in home or office. We have isolated ourselves from friends and relatives and have being a loner finding emotional attachment in the web pages.

Very few people be happy seeing others happiness and success, most just think “Why not me?” – it’s the dark shade of most of us. Also misunderstandings and betrayals are part of our system, we don’t need social media for that. Its “social media” and is meant to be make us social – if you are being disloyal or avoiding your loved one you are the one who needs to change your ways. In this competitive world many couples are staying in different states and even different countries and the social networks have eased their communication. Earlier old parents used to worry themselves or feel lonely when their grownups went abroad or moved to so other cities for jobs. But now they can see them in person by just a video call. Even if virtually they can be part of their moments of happiness.

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The list is never ending when it comes to blaming others but if we do an assessment of our actions we would always find “the four fingers” pointing at us. We are the ultimate creation of God, ruling the world but sometimes we fail to rule ourselves. So we should try and grab the opportunities social media have blessed us with rather than cursing it for our lenience…..


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