Are YOU Dead or Alive?????


DEATH – the inevitable and the worst fear of humans. Though everyone knows that the countdown begins at birth but still the dread to see the show to end. But is death is all about the end of life? Are all the living beings around us alive? Or they are just living corpse?


Where everyone else would define death as the end of one’s life, I would say that death is the end of dreams, feelings, hopes, love, relationships, creativity, humanity, learnability, it’s the state where the person is just spending days to meet the so called death. Though when a person dies the pain and grief is inflicted on the loved ones, the person is set free from all the hazels of life. The pain comes from the loss we feel but we hardly feel remorse when a person whom we care for cease to dream, desire or even hope. There are death penalty for murders but there are no such punishments for a person whose action kills all the feelings and hopes in a person. Our reactions depends on what could be seen – injury or death, we hardly try to feel what the other person really feels. The inner turmoil of a person kills him day by day. What if we are surrounded by living corpses?


The most painful death is the death of a dream. But no one knows about the death except the person who conceived it. It’s like bearing a child – only the mother knows about the existence of the foetus until the child is born, she nurtures it every moment with love and care. When the miscarriage happens it’s she who majorly feels the loss, others can sympathize only. Sometimes a dream becomes the source of one’s life, the reason to live. And when it is shattered the person gets shattered too. Some are strong enough to get over it and start afresh but some loose hope.


End of hope is ultimate I guess. It’s like a bike without engine – you would have all the part but you have to push it to move, it wouldn’t run. Life seems to stop as well if you don’t have hope – you just drag yourself out of bed every day and just let the day pass by. The end of hope is accompanied by frustration and depression. To shut it off you stop to feel and in the process you be numb to any feelings – happiness or sadness, guilt or pain. You then can’t relate with anyone or empathize with them. Relationships suffers and you are left all alone. You stop learning new things, nurture new ideas to develop something coz deep inside you start believing ITS NOT WORTH IT. You just wait for you END.6433801917_0926d51252_b

Death is also when your humanity dies. What worth is of a man who is not kind and compassionate? Imagine a society only filled with selfish, greedy, cruel and betrayers, can you live with the lot? Human are meant to have humanity – helping and caring for each other. If human turns their humanity off they are just like any other animal – eating and sleeping their days off. We are also dead when we live fearing – fear of death, society, failure and the list is never ending. We seem to fear everything. Being careful is good but live the life. Don’t let fear hamper your life.


Now look around and inside yourself – how many living beings do you see? Would you mourn for the dead? Death is inevitable but don’t you die before you are called off from the stage of life. Dream big….Confront with failure eye to eye….Be kind and empathetic…. And NEVER LOOSE HOPE…….


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