Story Behind

Welcome to the journey where you flow with the streamline of words and get splashed by the flow of emotions and various other feelings….Its a bitter-sweet journey of life we have all endured with happiness, sorrow, love, betrayal, loneliness and passion. We fall into the void of darkness sometimes and some are strong enough to rise and but some can’t and we keep on falling….This is an initiative to lend a helping hand to get your spirits up….

A PHOENIX obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some sources claim that the legendary bird dies in a show of flames and combustion. Similarly we should have that spirit in us to rise every time we fall. No matter how much shattered and devastated we are, we should be able to rise again and see the new dawn. Its the mental strength which is important and our body will follow….

Many of us write diaries and keep our experiences to ourselves but I thought of sharing my feelings with the world so that people can relate and retaliate in their own way….Lines By Phoenix is a platform where you may relate yourself with some corner of the page. It’s the colors of life through my eyes – some self-experienced and some are borrowed from others. You may call it a gift or a curse that I can relate to others and thus I feel the need to reach to you….

I do not consider myself to be amongst the esteemed writers but I always loved when my words touched ones soul and they send messages saying so….in the process many gates are opened and feelings flow…You can always share and care….Be it your happiness or sorrows….In both ways you can soothe others….

Keep Smiling always…..